Sew, a needle pulling thread….

Welcome back to Textural Play! Today we are excited to show some of the inspired options we’ve put together for those of you with some sewing nous, or a good seamstress.

Some of you may remember this beautiful skirt on the right by Trelise Cooper at the DJ’s S/S show.

A similar look could be created using this Vogue Pattern (V8560).

You could do the main section of skirt in a block colour such as the white above, or mix it up with perhaps a pale pink or mauve. (Think Dion Lee’s pastel colour palette.) Then, use a complementing stripe running horizontally for the waist band and/or the strip around the hemline. Another alternative would be to make the whole skirt out of one beautiful fabric and then applique on some gorgeous metalic ribbon in varying widths.


Remember Jen’s stunning finale gown in the Myer show?

A great base to get a similar look is this pattern from Vogue (V8288)

The bodice could be in the strong nude seen on Jen, or a softer pink toned nude to compliment your skin tone. If you can find some wonderfully embellished fabric such as the silver metallic, it is an amazing combination, although any stiff textured fabric in either a metallic or a complimenting nude would look great. You could even add a single strap and sew on a fabric corsage, (very Carie from SATC.) The matching flowing side strip adds another element to the dress and balances the large corsage. A similar feel could be achieved with a long waist tie in the same fabric as the bodice, particularly as this vogue pattern does not have the horizontal detailing that Jen’s does.


Finally, this Ellery picture got us thinking about the power of an amazing fabric…

It needs quite a simple shape to let the texture and colour speak for itself. We will are coveting this great basic pattern by McCalls (M5881)

We are envisioning a strongly textured metallic such as that used by Ellery above in either Silver, Gold or Ivory depending on your complexion. Or maybe an unusual lace, a ribbon woven fabric, or some sequined georgette? No accessories needed with a fabric this fabulous…


Stay tuned for the next installment as we bring you our favourite Fabric providers. If you are in Australia we would love to hear of some of your never-fail fabric stores in the comments section!





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