Embellish your words…

When I say embellishments, the first thing that probably pops into your head these days is ‘shoulders’. We have been overwhelmed lately with the amazing jewels that you can find on the shoulders of a garment in almost any store at the moment, from High End to High Street. The trend that started with the Balmain jacket is having a great run and personally I still love it, however in the interest of interest lets focus on some other styles for this post.

How about some collar action?

Alberta Ferretti

From Anthropologie

Or a bit stronger with some jackets.

Temperley London

I love that this Anthropology jacket is embellished yet not with anything sparkly. It makes it more unusual and striking.

Skirts are not immune to some sprucing up…

A little bit of applique and some tulle, on display on this gorgeous Chanel number, make a plain skirt suddenly the centerpiece.

This purple Mui Mui confection proves that pockets can be the only embellishment needed. How easy would it be to add some statement pockets to any skirt!

I also believe that embellishments do not need to be A/ Over the top or B/ Permanent. As you can see below, the simple addition of a fabulous brooch at the perfect spot can take a dress to another level.


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