Tessuti Fabrics

I spent a wonderful morning with Lisa and Hannah on Saturday at the Melbourne Tessuti store. Although the weather was drizzly, the fabrics were hot!

Inside the tessuti Melbourne store

Digital prints are being seen a lot on the runways lately, and I saw some amazing examples in the shop. In chatting with Hannah she told me that it’s actually a much more environmentally friendly process to print onto fabrics digitally. Essentially it is a large industrial printer that the fabric is fed through, which significantly reduces the amount of water and dye required for the traditional screen printing.

This Etro print has this loose paisley print running through it, but also picks up on the animal print trend with flecks of leopard in the background.

This amazing ‘Avatar’ stretch silk and…

this ‘Two Faces have I’ print were mind blowing.

They require a bit more thought as to how to use them in the most effective way, but I think that’s one of the most exciting aspects. I would use either of these as a simple, flowy, sleeveless, longer vest to wear as an impact piece over a plain black outfit. Or how about using them as a gorgeous lining to a very special jacket?

Believe it or not but this too is a digital print onto stretch silk!

It is a Cavalli print and is called ‘New York’.

Or how about the creativity of this MacDonald print called ‘Nailed It’?

I think both of these would work so well as a simple top. With a print this good, you can let it do all the talking. Maybe even a short strapless dress…


Back into some colour,

This subtle Josh Goot print was my favourite of the day. If you are familiar with Goot’s work you will recognise it as one of the key prints he used in his recent runway show. My favourite look was this print made into a very loose tank top tucked into a simple white pencil skirt.

This name of this print was so perfect, it’s called ‘Shattered Glass’. It comes in three colourways, a pink, a green that are shown above and also a grey.

Wouldn’t it be amazing made up into something similar to this Zac Posen dress?

In other fabric news, sequins are still big for evening wear.

This clever little fabric called ‘Cameo Blush’ had sequins that were white on one side and black on the other. So if you run your hand down it one way, the sequins looked white, and if you ran your hand the other way they looked black. Very Clever! I asked Lisa what she thought this fabric could be used best for, and she suggested either a very simple shift dress or a simple evening jacket without a collar.

This was another favourite of mine, for an evening look. It is called ‘Croc Glamour’ and is a burnout silk (see through). I’d love to use it for a drapey one shoulder look!

Finally, this ‘Fantail’ was just so beautiful. The most obvious use would be for bridal wear, but how much fun would it be to make a little skirt out of this, or even a neck piece.


A big thank you to Lisa, Hannah and Tessuti for having us in, and showing us some gorgeous things. Everyone should pop on in or get online and feel inspired!



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